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Secure the bag - Step I


Merriam-Webster: (v) – To achieve success; to be in a state of activity or production.

MWP: (v) – To thrive, to grow, to change and create the life that you desire. Becoming the person that you want to be.


I’m going to honest; I found this blog particularly difficult. After a lot of introspection and weeks of procrastination, I finally recognize why. I am just beginning the process of my individual flourish….and its real uncomfortable.

I remember the excitement that I had when I opened my practice. I was in awe at the possibility of creating something and being able to do the job that I love on my own terms. What I neglected to remember was the wise words of Uncle Ben. The responsibility is no longer on anyone else. My successes are mine, and so are my failures. When I finally slowed down to realize this, I was able to understand why we are so enamored by those who do flourish – we admire the courage to take the greatest risks.

I knew that I wanted to interview to someone who embodied this concept and the first person who came to mind is my long-time homie, Renoil Simpkins – media mogul extraordinaire.

Born and raised in Kansas City, Renoil says that he recognized a need for a change after graduating from Langston University. He did what so many of do: finish school and get a job that will pay the bills (that six-month waiver on student loans goes by real quick). Sometimes we get lucky and find something in our desired career path, but that wasn’t the case this time.

If you know anything about this young man and his smooth demeanor, then you know that selling cars could have been the perfect job for him. But he knew that it wasn’t his endgame. So, he took a leap and moved his family across the country to chase his dreams. That was two years ago. Today, he is one of the hosts of a super dope podcast, Black, Educated and Broke*, which examines every corner of the culture. He has interviewed celebrities and walked red carpets. He’s also moving his way through the production world, starting a new gig at CNN next week. He has taken accountability for his life and made the necessary changes that it took to thrive. Long story short, my guy is out here flourishing. And it all started with a decision to be brave AF.

The frustratingly amazing thing about growth is that it looks so different for every person. The beauty of the journey is yours and yours alone, to be determined solely by the decisions that you make. What I will say is this: there is nothing easy about flourishing. There is an insane amount of grit required to create a life that brings you pride and happiness.

Relationships change, money gets tight, anxiety spikes. Keep going.

Loneliness creeps in, doubt overshadows reasons, uncertainty gets strong. Keep going.

When I asked Renoil what he would say to someone who was figuring out their path and trying to be great like him, he gave me some of the most profound words that really resonated with me. “Don’t be afraid to take that leap. If it doesn’t work, at least I tried. I didn’t tell myself ‘no.’”

So often we get in our own ways, failing to trust our intuition, as evidenced by the fact that it took me six weeks to write this blog. Amazing things can happen when we stop standing in our way and allow ourselves the opportunity to be great. As we move into a new year and new decade, it is my hope that you recognize your ability to thrive and come to understand that you are never stuck, young royals. All you have to do is make a decision to flourish.

*You can find the Black, Educated and Broke podcast on Spotify, iHeartRadio, Apple Music, and SoundCloud*

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