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Purpose is the Root of Mental Wellbeing

Purpose: something set up as an object or end to be attained: INTENTION (Merriam-Dictionary)


We live in a world where purpose is considered an option but not a requirement. People have the ability to live completely meaningless lives, simply working and breathing to survive. Our society tells us that as long as we are producing, we are worth something; even if what we are producing has no value to us. Society lets us know that we are just here to survive rather than thrive in this life. It does not matter what our work means to us as long as we bring home a pretty check to reward our “efforts.”

In order to numb the pain, we go on those yearly vacations. We try to catch the latest movies. We take spa days and shopping sprees in hopes that we can find some meaning in the fun and material things. We are so desperate to show our meaning through the purchase of a new house or car just to find that those things just don’t make the cut. But somehow the emptiness catches up. No matter how much we run, one day we wake up feeling the abyss of sorrow. We are reminded of the nothingness within and it hurts; the pain and the loss become unbearable. We officially begin mourning our lack of purpose in this world.

Mental health has developed a focus on diagnosis. Professionals are treating symptoms and they are not peeling the layers of the human back. It is important to tap into the deeper core of the person. Often times, lack of knowledge in purpose or little knowledge of purpose are the key reasons why people are feeling lost in other areas of their lives. Depression, anxiety, fear, and many other aspects of mental discourse are common feelings people without purpose experience. If a person has a greater purpose, they are able to channel other areas of their life towards the success of meaning rather than shooting life darts just anywhere.

Mental wellbeing is purpose. It is knowing that you have been specifically made with a custom design that only you can bring to the table. It is the feeling that you are able to overcome obstacles because you know there is no choice but to move forward since you were made for more. It is feeling empowered to become your highest level of self in the face of uncertainty.

We cannot afford to live a passive lifestyle. We are not meant to just get through life; we are meant to thrive in a beautiful life that we love and adore. Your life meaning matters.

Project Passport is a mental empowerment retreat and event company that helps people regain control over their lives and discover the joy they are entitled to. Whether it is experiencing self-discovery in Kenya or redefining resilience in Costa Rica, we are here to help you create a world you love. You can learn more at

Guest writer: Sabriya Dobbins, Life Discovery Expert at Project Passport

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