Meet Brianna

Brianna is a North Carolina native, and a graduate of North Carolina State University, where she earned a BA in Applied Psychology, with a minor in Forensic Sciences.  Following this, she has obtained two graduate degrees, a MA and an Ed.S, from Seton Hall University in New Jersey. Brianna began her professional career as a psychotherapist in 2015, however she has worked in the mental health field for almost ten years.  


Throughout her career, Brianna noticed that many of her clients were struggling with managing what she calls, the "Millennial Experience."  Day to day stress can quickly become heightened by a culture that creates intense pressures to succeed against the social time clock, while balancing relationships, careers, and of course, student loans.  She recognized these struggles and made it her mission to promote holistic wellness by delivering comprehensive, empathetic care. 


Brianna has extensive training and experience in multiple therapeutic approaches such as Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness based practices, Humanistic approaches and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Along with this, she is a Certified Level II Reiki practitioner.  She utilizes a mix of these techniques to provide support to her clients as they expand their mental wellness and live a fulfilled life. 


Dedicated to personal development, Brianna is always looking to increase her knowledge on all topics that can be helpful to her clients.  She is a culturally competent clinician, LGBTQ ally, and human rights advocate who is devoted to creating safe spaces for all people.



LCMHC - NC - 12151

Certified Level II Reiki Practitioner


Telemental Health - CCE

DBT – Foundational – Behavioral Tech

ACT – Duke University