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Hey yall!  I'm Brianna.

(like banana)

I love what I do.

I’ve been in the mental health world for over 10 years, and I didn’t always know where I would land. Once I figured it out, it was full steam ahead.  Therapy is my jam. Period. 

During the early part of my journey in counseling or counseling-adjacent roles, I noticed that there were not a lot people who looked like me seeking help.  Which was wild because I knew that I wasn’t the only one struggling. I started to ask questions.  What do BIPOC millennials need?  How do creatives need to be supported? Where does the LGBT+ family feel safe?


The answer that I received the most:  my stuff isn’t severe enough for therapy.  I could relate.

I nerd out about learning.

I knew that I had to find a way to use my empathetic and intuitive gifts to provide support for my community. 


The only way that could happen was if I did the internal work.  All the trainings and letters behind my name would mean nothing if I didn’t feel solid within myself. In learning to challenge perfectionism and anxiety, I realized that the inner peace that I was seeking was actually liberation from external systems placed upon us since before we were born.


This clarity allowed me to develop the courage to slow down and be still in a world on that thrives in overdrive. By being more intentional, my relationships strengthened, my passion for my work grew and the steadiness I had in myself blossomed.


In this practice

We're pro Black af.  We believe that Love wins.  We support the liberation of all people. You are welcome here.

I model self care and rest.

It would be insincere to work with others to build a life focusing on wellness if I didn’t do the same. 

When I take off my therapy cardigan, I enjoy watching Marvel movies, developing my personal yoga practice, and daydreaming.  You can find me by any available body of water taking a nap, reading a mystery novel or getting lost in music.  


I believe that education is ongoing.

Much has changed since I received my Masters and Education Specialist degrees from Seton Hall University in 2015.  The degrees got me started, but I had to seek out additional knowledge to best serve my clients. 

My professional development has included training in Mindfulness, Yoga, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Telemental Health.  

When working together, you can expect to receive the benefits of all of these approaches, as there is no one-sized fits all method for your wellness!

The official stuff

Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor - NC - #12151
Masters/Educational Specialist - Professional Counseling - Seton Hall University, 2015
Bachelors - Applied Psychology - North Carolina State University, 2012

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