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Meridian Wellness Platform

Elevating BIPOC-LGBTQ+ wellness: Compassionate care tailored to your unique journey.

What we offer

Welcome to a safe and inclusive space where mental health takes center stage, tailored specifically for the BIPOC-LGBT+ community. Our therapy services are designed to honor the unique experiences and challenges faced by individuals at the intersection of these identities.


At Meridian Wellness Platform, we understand the importance of culturally competent and affirming mental health care. Brianna specializes in providing support and guidance to Millennial individuals, recognizing the significance of addressing mental health within the context of diverse identities.

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Mental health therapy, available to North Carolina residents.

Toy Brain


"Where you look determines how you feel."

Woman yoga pose - 960x1439.jpeg


Movement to increase mindfulness and holistic health.

Team Meeting

Corporate Consultating

Learn more about how we can support your employees wellness.

self-actualization:the realization or fulfillment of one's talents and potentialities, especially considered as a drive or need present in everyone. 

We embrace a holistic and intersectional approach to therapy, acknowledging the impact of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and gender identity on mental well-being. Our team is committed to creating a warm, accepting environment where you can explore your thoughts, feelings, and experiences without judgment.

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Work Desk
You’re doing too much._edited.png


In the fast-paced world of today, Millennials find themselves at the intersection of technological advancement, social change, and economic challenges. At Meridian Wellness Platform, we recognize and empathize with the unique mental health concerns faced by this generation.

Millennials often grapple with a myriad of stressors, from the pressures of career success and financial stability to the impact of social media on self-image. The constant juggle of professional aspirations, social expectations, and personal growth can contribute to a range of mental health challenges.

Together, we can explore, heal, and build a foundation for lasting well-being.  Embrace your uniqueness, prioritize your mental health, and let's embark on this journey towards a more fulfilling life.

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